At the Vienese Red Cross Ball, we take care of your stomach too.


In the "Festaal "we offer our guests the choice of a savoury or sweet Ball platter.


In our Trattoria:

Along with typical ball specialties such as sausages and goulash soup, we offer Italian delicacies such as Tramezzini, Creamy Parmesan soup, pasta dishes and Dolci.



"Ferrari Natural Gelato" originates from the enthusiasm and passion of Samuel and Piero Ferrari.

For the Viennese Red Cross Ball, these organic ice cream are created with great loving care.

Our Campari / Aperol Bars:


Campari is THE Italian classic with charisma!


Since the recipe was created in Novara in 1860, the 80+ ingredients have remained unchanged: Bitter herbs, quinine, rhubarb, pomegranate, spices, ginseng, citrus oil, orange peels and kaskarilla bark are responsible for the unique red color and the intense aroma of these bitter perititifs.


Campari stands for tradition, history, art, culture, and fashion, as well as ingredients and production of the highest quality standards - all of which make this brand one of the best known in the world. Campari, a passionate icon of the Italian lifestyle, is particularly appealing thanks to its diverse ways to enjoy. From the classics such as Campari Soda or Campari Orange to the refined Campari Spritz you can taste with our long drinks!


Visit our Prosecci bars or sample the coffee specialties of Segafredo!