Viennese Red Cross Ball: A Ball Goes Around the World

The motto of the Red Cross Ball "In 80 Balls Around the World" helps bring the worldwide concept of helping to the forefront.


Each year a charity project is chosen to benefit from the proceeds of the ball. This year's proceeds will benefit "Holidays in Vienna" (Summer and therapy camps for kids and youth with special needs).

If you would like to help further, donations will help us the most at the moment.


By buying a ball ticket, a ticket with a seat reservation, or a ticket for the gala dinner, you are making an active contribution to helping.


This year Italy is the host country, which will be highlighted by a unique cultural program and rich cuisine.

With moderators Silvia Schneider and Kristina Sprenger you can expect a vibrant program.


In keeping with the festive nature of our motto and our Baroque Venice theme, the ball will be a masked ball - Redoute. We therefore ask the ladies to wear a mask until the clock strikes midnight.  


The Italian Ambassador to Austria, Giorgio Marrapodi, has taken over the patronage together with the Mayor of Vienna as well as the President of the Austrian Red Cross and the President of the Viennese Red Cross. The ball ambassador Maresa Hörbiger has supported the cause since the beginning and we are proud to introduce a new ambassador, Clemens Unterreiner.



We would like to warmly thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the Viennese Red Cross Ball on 17.11.2017 at Vienna City Hall.


Dress Code