The Viennese Red Cross as Ball Organiser

(c) Ball Ambassadress Kammerschauspielerin Maresa Hörbiger and Dr. Karl Skyba President of the Viennese Red Cross

What may have appeared to be unusual at first, turned out to be a harmonious event. With the sale of the Ball tickets and the proceeds from the Ball we want to continue to finance and even expand our children’s projects, which are extremely important to us.

This enables us to provide children with special needs carefree holidays with highly qualified professional supervision - and during this time their parents are able to relax, to allow children with language support needs to proceed to the next school level and also to offer talented children the possibility to develop themselves with a focus on natural sciences.




In this way we would like to thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the Viennese Red Cross ball on 21.11.2014.



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