Daelemans Emilienne



8310 Assebroek /Brugge

Phone 0468 105803

E-mail: emydaelemans@gmail.com

Date of birth:24-07-1947



Work experience

2012 - dato: Retired and still working as beautician, masseuse, make-up specialist, accompany fairs to perform chocolate paintings, etc.

2002 - 2012: Teacher and regularly giving trainings in bodypainting with chocolate for the chocolatiers of Brugge.

1990 – 2008: Owner of Beauty Studio Emy Daelemans (hairdresser’s and beautysaloon)

1977 – 2001: Teacher in manicure, make-up, cosmetics, make-up for hairdressers, photographers, TV-and filmmakers, mannequins, bodypainting, airbrush, etc. Organisation of the worldrecord bodypainting for the Flemish League against Cancer

1977 – 1990: Owner of beautysaloon, hairdresser’s and perfumery “Eva”



Additional trainings


  • Photoshop, lightroom, photography, nature photography
  • Color and style advisor
  • Camouflagiste for scars and burns
  • Airbrushtechnics
  • Make-up and visagisme Paris by JP. Fleurimon and Gil Gangé
  • Grime by G. Beernaert in Bruges and JP. Fleurimon and Gil Gangé




1965-1967 Education esthetician